Digital Arts - Intro

Day 1

  • Introduction to Animation / Introduction to 3D Projection Mapping
  • Techniques and categories
  • Showing examples from each technique along with their “making of” videos
  • Pre-production. Scenario and Design Development (Storyboard, Style-frame, Design)
  • Creation of an analog animation for understanding the principles and the process (flip book)

Day 2

  • Introduction to the Digital Imaging
  • Creation of simple shapes. Fill and stroke
  • Color
  • Layers
  • Brushes. Digital painting
  • Creation of a digital animation (bouncing ball)

Day 3

  • Students’ photo shoot for the creation of digital puppets
  • Importing images in a digital imaging software
  • The process of selecting objects and separating them from the background
  • Creating a digital puppet for animation
  • Animating the digital puppet
  • Creation of a digital animation (digital puppet’s walk cycle)

Day 4

    Production of a mapping project

  • Creation of a 3D Projection project from scratch: selection of prototypes and structure, developing an idea, scenario, music, production techniques, presentation and project’s documentation.
  • Practice in groups

Day 5

  • Practice: Day for practicing under the supervision of the workshop’s instructors.
  • Presentation

Digital Arts - Advanced

Day 1

  • Character Design. Introduction and examples. Concept and visualization, physical characteristics, personality and actions. Sketches and drafts
  • Writing a script for an animated short movie.

Day 2

  • 2D Character Development in a digital environment (use of basic shapes), structured for use in animation.
  • Designing the story’s background set.

Day 3 & 4

  • Importing data in a 2d animation software
  • Character’s motion and other actions
  • Sound
  • Creating intro and/or outro titles
  • Video production and video uploading in social media network websites (vimeo , youtube etc.)
  • Augmented reality (AR) examples

Day 5

  • Animated character screening via AR techniques
  • Final Presentation