Digital Arts

In these workshops students will get familiar with Animation, Digital Imaging, Character Design, Video Production, Augmented Reality and 3D Projection Mapping.


Digital Arts & Animation - Intro Course:

Through an introduction to Animation's analog and digital forms, students get accustomed with various techniques, basic principles and production processes and in continuation apply them to their own creations throughout the workshop. The first exercise is a bouncing ball.

With the use of a computer, participants will learn to edit images digitally, e.g. importing and editing photographs, designing and manipulating images, in order to create their own digital animation shorts. Students will apply the principles, techniques and processes they have learned by creating a character’s walk cycle.

Lastly, students will create an animation sequence that will be projected onto a set of objects using the 3D Projection Mapping technique. This is an experimental technique that converts a surface, either a small object or an entire building, to a screen. The projection's content interferes with the object's geometry or converses with it giving impressive results.

Digital Arts & Animation - Advanced Course:*

During this course, students will create an animated short movie. They will get familiar with the Pre-Production stage, designing a character, writing a script for an animated short movie and designing the background set of the story.

During the Production stage, students will digitally create their 2D character and the background set digitally and will work on the production of their short movie.

Finally, in the Post-Production stage, they will add sounds and/or music and create the intro and/or outro titles of their movie. They will upload their final video on websites such as vimeo and youtube.

Prerequisites for the Advanced Course:

a. Digital Arts & Animation - Intro Course or
b. Basic knowledge of image processing software and animation principals

The workshop will be completed with a presentation of all the exercises.

*The advanced course will take place only if the minimun number of participants is reached.